High Performance

Adhesive, Sealant & Coating Solutions

NAPCO offers a complete range of high performance adhesives with both production and performance benefits for the industrial and construction markets.


NAPCO manufactures a variety of adhesives and sealants for the automotive and transports industry.


NAPCO’s Adhesives, Coatings and Sealants products are everywhere, being used to build or renovate the buildings where we live and work.


We are proud to develop products that help advance today’s electronic technologies for a better and comfortable tomorrow.


Innovation, high-quality product and our experts support make NAPCO a partner of choice for engineered wood adhesives.


NAPCO’s adhesives are used in the wooden parts applications in the furniture industry and building components for a long time in the Middle East and other parts of the world.


Our products enhance the effectiveness of the end-product, providing the end user with a durable manufactured goods.


Providing expertise and reliable, innovative solutions for the adhesive requirements in the medical industry.


NAPCO’s full product portfolio and extensive technical expertise help us solve today’s toughest packaging challenges of our customers, their customers and the industry itself.


NAPCO’s varied range of polyurethane and textile-based solutions help fashion, sports and footwear companies get to produce high-quality and durable products more efficiently.


NAPCO develops formula, manufactures, and supplies industrial adhesives to the graphics industry for a growing number of different applications and increasing speeds.


Our solutions make the assembly and manufacturing of appliances more efficient and effective,

Innovation at NAPCO

In making product innovations, we focus on developing new products and enhancing existing ones – paying close attention to specific customer applications at all times. We explore how we can achieve the best technological solution to ensure your commercial success.

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We Make It Stick!

NAPCO products can be found almost everywhere. From home to office, from food to transport, our solutions are used in countless applications. Our products, though simple, leave a profound impact, helping build a safer, efficient and responsive world.

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Striving for 33 Years

NAPCO is one of the earliest adhesive, sealant and coating companies of the region. Over the course of 33 years we have engaged with customers from diverse markets, most notably the industrial manufacturing, construction and even consumer sectors.

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Success Stories

We’re proud to be associated with some of the most prestigious businesses and projects of the region. The accolades we’ve garnered demonstrate our growth as a business and how we’ve continued to go from strength to strength in areas like innovation, service levels and overall business strategy.