Coatings that Restore and Rebuild


NAPCO’s innovative coating solutions are the result of our team’s research and development that considers all aspects of production.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop products and solutions that help make people’s lives more sustainable, effective, and comfortable.

Our coating products with its exceptional performance, are utilized in diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets, including aerospace, automotive and transportation, building and construction, energy, etc and in various applications such as building and wall panels, roofs, concrete floors and walls, HVAC, furniture, trailers, commercial appliances and many more.

As a leading industrial coatings manufacturer, NAPCO’s portfolio of industrial coatings are ideal for a number of the restoration and rebuilding applications across construction and industrial facilities. While traditional restoration methods like hard-face welding are time consuming and can turn out expensive, our coating products are easily applied on all surfaces and offer superior compression strength and protection qualities.