Proven Superior Adhesion


High-quality adhesives that include hotmelt adhesive, instant adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, thread-lockers, structural adhesives and many for optimal performance, convenience, and reliability for any industry.

NAPCO produces a wide range of different high-performance adhesives with special properties, for various applications from the most specific to the most complex requirements.

For over 3 decades, NAPCO has been developing and manufacturing superior performance adhesive products with different chemistries and bonding capabilities. Being a technology driven company, we provide a wide range of bonding adhesives, utilizing acrylic, epoxy and urethane technologies, for various industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications designed to endure environmental conditions.


With the ability to bond to a variety of substrates including bare metal, painted metal, composite, rubber-to-substrate, and more, our adhesives are sure to meet your application requirements, including achieving a more aesthetically pleasing finish, time and cost saving compared to the traditional methods of bonding like welding, mechanical fastening, etc.

Featured Adhesives