building bonds with NAPCO

Application & Selection

What steps should you take to build your career with NAPCO?

Great! You would like to apply to one of our challenging opportunities! What can you expect when you send your application to our recruiting team?

After applying to one of our open jobs, our recruiters will screen your resume and motivation. If they can see a match in your skills for the applied position, they will call you and invite you to a first interview.

Next step, if your skills and expectations match our offer, you will move forward in the selection process. Depending on the position, you will always meet a member of our HR team, your future manager and sometimes one of our Directors or General Managers.

When all parties agree that you are a true NAPCO Person, we will start preparing your contract proposal. If you are applying for a management level, we will also invite you to an assessment session.

Together we will discuss our proposal and once we have signed it, we can start with our warm welcome as our newest NAPCO family member! From that moment on, we can start creating bonds together!

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on all types of subfloors and has become especially popular due to its inherent structural stability.
As part of this exercise, the company has updated its logo, the corporate communications, website and is implementing new marketing initiatives.
The only dedicated Adhesives, Sealants & Bonding Expo for MEA region.