Build, Protect, Finish, Repair

Construction Solutions

NAPCO’s Adhesives, Coatings and Sealants products are everywhere, being used to build or renovate the buildings where we live and work.

Whether they are under the floors, behind the walls or used in the building’s structure, it’s almost certain that one of our products is close by.

We produce and distribute Adhesive, Coatings and Sealants to the building and construction industry, products that work toward increased efficiency, consistent reliability, and lower maintenance costs. From waterproof bonding and sealing of foundations, basement damp proofing and swimming pools, our products are specially produced to prevent the migration or rise of moisture to extend the duration and improve the durability of the construction build.


NAPCO’s complete range of construction solutions have been used to build and renovate most of the region’s iconic buildings, landmarks and attractions. They are used to prepare, bond, seal and protect these properties in the most  extreme conditions. NAPCO is recognized and is trusted by architects, contractors and distributors in the Middle East and around the world.