Adhesives for the Packaging Industry

Packaging & Paper

NAPCO’s full product portfolio and extensive technical expertise help us solve today's toughest packaging challenges of our customers, their customers and the industry itself.

Consumers needs in the packaging industry is rapidly changing and the demand for innovative solution is increasing, manufacturers are turning towards suppliers who understand their packaging challenges.

NAPCO being a trusted leader of adhesives in the region, developed a range of adhesives that are fast bonding, efficient and production efficiency enhancing for the packaging and paper industry. Our packaging adhesives gives  superior adhesion and bonding to a variety of packaging surfaces and are used in applications ranging from folding cartons to food and beverage packaging as well as our portfolio of paper converting solutions enables new creative and sustainable design options for both food and non-food applications.  Our adhesives provide an excellent balance between tack and cohesion.


NACO’s Packaging & Lamination Adhesives are designed to address sustainability, marketing and cost challenges across packaging applications with our experts pushing their limits to innovate and help solve various solve modern packaging challenges.  We formulate products to help our customers develop ever-better sustainable packaging.