Warranties & Disclaimers

Read for NAPCO's full disclaimers and warranties.

Refer to Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Users are advised to confirm the suitability of the product by their own test.

Our warranty is limited to replacement of defective NAPCO Product.

For the 5Gallon Packaging, do not stack more than three.

Store in dry cool out of direct sunlight.

Shelf life is 2 years when stored in original unopened packing from the date of manufacturing.

Read cautions at the label attentively before sing the products.

For all Do-It-Yourself products whether it is adhesives, sealants or coatings, users are highly advised to read the warnings, safety and storage instruction and usage instructions/directions for use seen in the label of these products before starting any jobs.

Users are are also advised to observe safety protocols when using NAPCO products.