Formulated with the end user in mind

Engineered Wood

Innovation, high-quality product and our experts support make NAPCO a partner of choice for engineered wood adhesives.

NAPCO’s engineered wood adhesives are formulated with the end user in mind.  We have always been working deeply with our customers taking into consideration our intensive knowledge sharing to create products that solve challenges that they are facing in their industry.

Timber/wood are usually made in factories using standardized, quality-controlled processes, and shipped in a prefabricated format, however, there are countless variations in the way that it can be applied.   Timbers are used in resort hotels, schools, corporate headquarters, commercial spaces,  luxury residentials spaces, condominiums, sport facilities, manufacturing plants and many more.  Architects and engineers use engineered woods for beautiful iconic designs, aesthetics, and various reasons including fulfilling green building strategies and overcoming construction site challenges.


NAPCO offers a highly developed range of adhesive for wood applications. Our wood adhesives are ideal for humid, damp areas and even involving water contact for interior and exterior applications.    Applications varies from wood-to-wood bonding like assembly, edge banding, edge-to-edge gluing, finger jointing and Bonding wood-to-metal & further dissimilar materials.  Our adhesives are water and heat resistant, high setting speed, discoloration-free, low viscosity, temperature- and moisture-stable and bonds strongly.


Unique customers call for unique and sustainable formulation. Our high-quality adhesive solutions for the engineered wood industry help our customers create beautiful sustainable constructions.  We understand the changing market dynamics driven by consumer trends, so we put this knowledge into every innovative solution we develop.