Trusted Solutions for Fashion and Sports Industry

Sports & Fashion

NAPCO’s varied range of polyurethane and textile-based solutions help fashion, sports and footwear companies get to produce high-quality and durable products more efficiently.

To be able to meet the high demands and rapidly changing trends in this industry, NAPCO focuses our innovation efforts on sustainable solutions, and customization along with producing high-grade formulations and building long-term partnerships with our customers based on shared knowledge, trust and experience.

The growing trends in the fashion are industry are transforming the functionality and aesthetic of everyday wear as well us sportswear. Our comprehensive range of high quality solutions to help enhance functionality, durability, comfort and attractiveness of sports and leisure wear.  NAPCO’s  market-leading solutions are used to enhance the comfort, performance and attractiveness of sports and leisure wear, shoes, bags, as well as providing lightweight, strong and durable materials for sports and gym equipment.


NAPCO’s adhesive expertise enable us to provide tailored and optimized adhesive solutions to meet the requirements of our customers in the fashion and sports industry including shoes, balls, bags. We offer a wider range of technology portfolio like water-based adhesives, toluene-free adhesives, cyanoacrylates, hotmelt and PUR hotmelt adhesives and many more.  Our reverse-engineering expertise allows us to provide specific formulations and products to our customers to help them with their unique requirements.