Solutions for the Appliance Industry

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Our solutions make the assembly and manufacturing of appliances more efficient and effective,

NAPCO develops and supplies adhesive and sealants solutions for a wide variety of applications in the home and commercial appliance assembly and manufacturing industry.

Home appliances play an important part in the daily lives of people. With the evolution of smart functionality and improved energy efficiency, the need for high-quality and durable materials is ever present to withstand the heavy wear and tear home appliances endure.  Appliance consumers are demanding manufacturers to produce lighter, stronger and energy efficient products. And, because they have the need to increase profitability as many other businesses, manufacturers are looking for ways to deliver these technologies while increasing assembly efficiencies.


Our UL recognized adhesive and sealant solutions provide a reliable bonding and functionality such as noise and vibration damping, heat dissipation and gasketing.   Our solutions make the assembly of appliances more efficient and effective by addressing challenges related to automation, difficult to bond surfaces, higher temperatures, and many more.  NAPCO’s appliance solutions offering, features a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives and high-performance sealants, developed to perform on a range of substrates commonly used in manufacturing home and commercial appliances, including metal, glass, foams and low surface energy plastics. In addition, they also perform well under environmental conditions including heat, chemical exposure, UV and weathering.


These adhesives serve many functions in appliance design, among many of them are mounting and adhering, evaporators, trim, badges, gaskets and seals, reinforcement bars, control panels/displays, coils, glass doors and cooktops, noise and vibration damping, decibel reduction for applications like washers and dryers, foils suited for thermal expansion and noise reduction and additional thermal barrier protection for dryers.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on all types of subfloors and has become especially popular due to its inherent structural stability.
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